The Latest in Contact Lenses and Designs

by: Dakota Caudilla

There is vast development and growth in the eye care industry today, particularly the contact lens sector, mainly because more and more people are starting to develop sight problems (because of consistent computer use and lengthy hours in front of the television set). Those with sight problems have two options, i.e. to wear glasses or to wear contact lenses.

There are problems to both of these options. Eyeglasses are not irritating to the eyes but it is definitely cumbersome because it can be bulky and inconvenient, i.e. showering, exercising, gym, swimming, etc. In the meantime, there’s the other alternative to eyeglasses, contact lenses. Some kids as young as 12-years-old have started wearing contact lenses instead of spectacles because they want to look good.

As the demographics of contact lens users grow, contact lens designers and developers are scampering around for a more effective method of correcting the sight of short-sighted, long-sighted people and people with astigmatism.

Bauch & Lomb recently came out with an ALTERNATIVE to contact lens. Instead of wearing contact lenses when you’re awake and removing them when you’re sleeping, the new Bauch & Lomb contact lens enables users to wear the contact lenses when they sleep and remove them when you’re awake! This revolutionary method of correcting sight is indeed the first of its kind and Bausch & Lomb called it the Vision Shaping Treatment. The Vision Shaping Treatment is one of the first in the field of overnight orthokeratology. When the user wears the lens to sleep, overnight, the lens reshapes the patient’s corneas overnight so that they can enjoy crystal clear vision throughout the day without having to wear contact lenses. But because each of those lenses is custom-made to suit the wearer, the cost of obtaining the vision correctional lenses can be quite hefty on the wallet for now. And since the effect is not permanent, the effect of the process wears off after some time, therefore, by nightfall, you may start needing your contact lens or glasses again.

One of the biggest problems associated with wearing contact lens is that the wearer will start feeling uncomfortable because the contact lens will start to feel a little dry, causing irritated, red eyes. The latest line of contact lenses contains self-moisturizing properties that helps keep dryness away. New contact lenses developed by ACUVUE also provide innovation that makes contact lenses suitable for people with high astigmatism.
ACUVUE recently came up with a line of contact lenses that gives the contact lens wearer excellent vision and long-lasting comfort, making extended wear more comfortable. With innovation in design, the contact lenses today also provides better fitting to prevent the contact lenses from slipping around in the eye throughout the day – which is a common complaint.

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