Pasadena Laser Eye Surgery: Easy To Secure

For those living in Pasadena laser eye surgery is readily accessible with a number of physicians and clinics experienced in this type of procedure as well as having the most up-to-date equipment available. Many facilities offering Pasadena laser eye surgery also offer a form of guarantee with one business promising that if your vision is not restored to 20/20 they will refund the procedure fee.

Those interested in laser eye surgery should first consult with friends or relatives who have undergone the procedure for recommendations of a surgeon. You can also ask your ophthalmologist for a reference to make sure you find the best you can get. During the initial consultation in Pasadena laser eye surgery specialists will not mind answering questions regarding the procedure as well as post-operative care. They will determine if you are a good candidate for the surgery and you can learn if the doctor is the one you feel the most comfortable with.

On of the advantages of having the procedure done in a Pasadena laser eye surgery center is there are several to choose from and just because one doctor may not have made you feel at ease does not mean you have to give up on having the surgery.

Certain Temporary Side Effects To Expect

Once you have undergone Pasadena laser eye surgery, there are certain side effects that can be expected and they may be more noticeable on some patients than on other patients, almost all patients will notice them. The eyes will feel some discomfort or pain and your vision may seem hazy or blurry. Your eyes may feel dry and you may experience glare from lights in the house or outside. You may also see a halo effect around lights.

You may notice pink or red spots on the whites of your eyes and for a few days you may experience sensitivity to light. Most of these effects should be mild and they will disappear in the few days. Lingering side effects should be brought to the attention of the surgeon who performed the Pasadena laser eye surgery.

As a reminder, those who wear contacts and expecting to have a Pasadena laser eye surgery center perform this operation, should quit wearing contacts at least to weeks prior to the surgery. Hard contact wearers should revert to their glasses at least four weeks prior to the surgery. Most times the cornea will assume the shape of the contact being worn and it will take some time for the cornea to go back to its natural shape.

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