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Vision Insurance

One of the Vision Insurance programs that we carry is PrimeStar® Select Vision Individual Vision Insurance.   This Eye Insurance Plan uses the EyeMed Select Network.   As they state,

Protecting your eyes starts with having routine eye exams. To help keep your eyes healthy and eyesight clear, sign up for the PrimeStar Select Vision insurance plan today!

Vision is an important, yet often overlooked, aspect of your overall health. Just imagine how different life would be with limited or no vision.  PrimeStar Individual Vision Insurance can help keep your eyes healthy while protecting your overall wellness, too.  This is coverage that helps reduce the cost of routine eye needs to offering savings on major procedures.

Let’s start with some of the benefits from day 1:

No agent required.  (Although I do not mind helping you!)  You can sign up when you get your get a quote.   (Note that this link quotes both dental and vision insurance, so select what you are looking for.)

Get A Quote Here

No Enrollment fee.

No waiting period

You get one eye exam a year, starting day one.

You can get lenses and frames, or contact lenses – once every 24 months, again beginning day 1

Single rate for all ages 18 and older up to age 99

This plan includes the EyeMed Access Network, offering more than 103,000 access points, including more than 21,800 doctor locations and 6,200 retail locations. When you use an EyeMed Access Network provider, you will receive additional savings such as:

  • 20% off remaining frame balance
  • 40% off non-covered complete prescription glasses
  • Special pricing on lens upgrades such as UV coating & polycarbonate lenses & 20% off non-covered materials
  • 15% average off retail price for LASIK or PRK laser vision correction, or 5% off promotional price, at U.S. Laser Network locations.

Please note that based on applicable laws, reduced costs may vary by doctor location.

Here is a shot of their benefits:

eyemed select network

At EyeMed, everything they do is designed around their members.  Naturally, they want to make it easy for you to use your benefits.  Whether you are a tech-savvy consumer or someone who prefers a helpful voice on the other end of the line, they’re with you every step of the way.

The Cost for an Individual is  $10.67/month.  When it is an Individual + One then the cost goes to eyemed select network$19.63.  However, where the real savings is is in the family program.  The family plan is for 3 or more and can include your children until the 26th birthday is a flat $29.34 per month.  This means a family of 5 is getting their vision insurance for less than $6/person.

Want to check on availability?

Just click the image below and use the “SELECT” network to provider that is in the network.  Please note that providers change so even if a provider is displayed, we recommend you call ahead to confirm the provider accepts your EyeMed plan.

eyemed Select Network

Now What?

After you sign you can start using the network right away.  Within 10 business days, you will receive your full policy and ID card. For the quickest access to providers, ID card, locations and more – download the EyeMed app today!

To search for providers, go to and select the Select Network or call 866-289-0614.

Of course there are  some limitations.

So what is not covered?

Covered expenses will not include and no benefits will be payable for the following:

  • Vision examinations, lenses and frames more than the frequency as indicated on the plan summary page.
  • Orthoptics or vision training and any associated supplemental testing.
  • Plano lenses (lenses with refractive correction of less than plus or minus .50 diopter) except as specifically allowed in the frames benefit section of the Plan Benefits.
  • Two pairs of glasses in lieu of bifocals.
  • Replacement of spectacle lenses, frames, and/or contact lenses furnished under this plan that are lost or damaged, except at the normal intervals when services are otherwise available.
  • Medical or surgical treatment of the eyes.
  • A service which is not listed under the Schedule of Eye Care Services found in the certificate.
  • Members pay costs exceeding plan benefits.
  • This plan not available in MA, MD, MT, NM, NY, RI, WA and the PA counties of Forest, Huntington, Montour and Sullivan.  State variations of this plan may apply based on applicable state law(s).

This is the highlights the of the described vision coverage available through Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.   Please refer to the Certificate of Insurance for a complete list of covered procedures.

Need a customized vision insurance plan?

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